5 Cool Android Mod Apps that You Should Definitely Use


Let’s have a look at 5 Cool Android Mod Apps You Should Definitely Use that you can use your android phone to add cool new features in your android phone. So follow the below guide to proceed.

We all know Android is a platform, which you can personalize endlessly but what if you want to improve the way your Android device works. Well, this is where some cool Android mods come in handy.

5 Cool Android Mod Apps

First, let me clear the air on what Android mods actually are. Well, Android Mods are anything that enhance your Android smartphone’s working. They can be simple apps that bring a change to the UI or an app that boosts a device’s performance or battery. Now that I have cleared that out, here are 5 cool Android mod apps that you should definitely try:

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5 Cool Android Mod Apps that You Should Definitely Use

1. Protect your Screen Privacy

Screen Filter
Screen Filter
Developer: haxor industry
Price: Free

You would not like to let anyone see your screen while you are doing some private job on your Android device. You cannot actually stop the people from pointing to your screen but you can easily prevent your screen lights from reaching them. Screen Filter App applies such filter to the Android screen such as nobody could look at the screen content from any angle but you would see your device content easily!

2. RAM Boosting

Developer: ROEHSOFT
Price: 8,99 €

RAM plays the most important role in the performance of your device. The ROEHSOFT RAM Expander app is made for those people who are lacking the RAM space on their device. This app lets them expand the RAM space through using the internal or external storage as virtual RAM. This is an amazing app as the benefits it grants is quiet great!

3. Gestures for Fingerprint Scanner

Developer: SuperThomasLab
Price: Free+

Now the fingerprint scanner on your device could also help you reach your destination on the Android device quickly. Make up the fingerprint scanner gestures for your custom apps or settings through the Fingerprint Gestures app!

4. Visualize Audio in Navigation Bar

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Audio visualizers are a great fun to add some moving excitement to the device. The navigation bar of the Android could be transformed into an audio visualizer which tweaks it looks while playing any music or audio. This could be achieved through the MUNIZ Nav Bar Audio Visualizer app. You can use it to add from various types of visualizers and even create up your own custom one.

5. Recycle Before Permanent Deletion

Dumpster Papierkorb
Dumpster Papierkorb
Developer: Baloota
Price: Free+

Have you ever witnessed that there is the requirement for the recycle bin for the Android device too as it is available there on Windows and Mac. This helps to prevent the sudden deletion of any data or information. Dumpster app introduces the recycle bin inside the Android and everything that the user deletes goes into the recycle bin first. You can then make sure that none of your app updates, images or data gets lost suddenly as it would be first placed or shifted to the Recycle bin by the Dumpster.

And these are the best 5 Cool android mods apps for your device that may help the users gain the relative boost in the performance and speed of their device. Pick out those which you liked and try them on your device. In case if you encounter any kind of issues with the above-listed mods and their installments, please comment below or contact us as we shall help you sort out that issue!



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