How To Get 10k Views On YouTube | Best Method To Get Views On YouTube Channel


Get 10k Views On YouTube – YouTube is a best platform to earn money online. All you have to do is just uploading some useful videos for your subscribers and you will get Paid for your video.

Before April 2018 it was very easy to make money online through YouTube but YouTube has decided to make sure that all its video creators are legit.

Earlier, YouTube let people create a channel and immediately start making money but the company on April 2017 made a surprise announcement saying that the creators will no longer be able to monetize their channels until they receive 10,000-lifetime views.

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This means that YouTube will not allow ads on channels that have fewer than 10,000 views total on their videos. However, revenue earned on channels with under 10k views up until Thursday will not be impacted.

Now you need 10k Views on YouTube channel to monetize your YouTube channel your channel must need to get 10k views on Youtube.

How To Get 10K Views On YouTube Channel

As You All Know That If You Want To Earn Money From YouTube Then You Need to get 10K Views on YouTube To Monetize Your Videos.

If you Want to get 10K Views On YouTube Very Fast To Earn Money On YouTube So I Have Some Tips And Tricks To Get 10k Views In 10 To 30 Days Trust Me It Will Work.

1. Make Quality Videos

Get 10k Views on YouTube

The most important thing that you need is good video and audio quality shoot with good camera’s or good mobile phones camera and video should look like neat & clean edited don’t fill the frame with text and stuff.

2. Don’t Bor Your Audience

Create good and small content
try to make videos as short as you can and script should be on interesting topic that people search most on youTube and try to upload minimum 1 video daily.

Your video’s length should be minimum 3-4 Minute and maximum length should be 6-10 minutes.

3. Make Attractive Thumbnail

Try to make your video custom look more Attractive to gain more views


Thumbnail represents your video so you have to make a good thumbnail for your video, if you are a Android YouTuber so you can use YouTube’s official “YouTube Creators Studio” application on your smartphone.

YouTube Studio
YouTube Studio
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. Choose Best Video Title, Tags and Description

Choose good Title for your video, viewer  can easily understand that what’s in your video. You can also find good titles from Google Keyword Research Tool.

Get 10k Views on YouTube

Giving good tags to your video is most important thing, you can use Google keyword tool to find best tags for your video.

Get 10k Views on YouTube

I have a very useful android app to find best Tags for your videos. “TagYou”

Tag You
Tag You
Developer: Dots Game
Price: Free+

Write A Good Description Which Describe Your Channel And Videos And Use Good Keywords To Rank.

5. Share Your Videos On Social Media

Most important thing is to sharing your videos on another social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

If you made your video with good Title, Tags and description but you haven’t shared your video on social media it’s will not worth.

Try to share your video on social media to gain more views and subscribers.

Hope you liked this Article about “How To Get 10k Views On YouTube | Best Method To Get Views On YouTube Channel”, If you still have any query about the same feel free to ask me.


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