How To Make Free Website Using Blogger?


How to make free website? Hello friends In this post, I will share with you that how will you make a website for free. In order to earn money from the internet, it is important to have a blog site or website itself.

How to Make Free Website?

Make Free Website


If you want to Earn Money From Internet then you can make money by making a website. There is a platform to create such a very beautiful and professional website on the internet such as Blogger.

WordPress is also very good platform but these two are the most used. is free of these two, it does not cost any money.

But if you want to build WordPress website then you will need to pay for it. That’s why today I will share with you that how to use Blogger to create a blog site for free, so let’s start.

How To Make Free Website Using Blogger

To Make Free Website Using Blogger you have to an Gmail account.

Follow The Steps:

Step 1. First you have to visit then click on “Create your Blog”.

Step 2. Now you login to your account by entering your email address and password in Gmail,

Step 3. After logging in, click on “New Blog“. After clicking on the new blog, a popup box will open in front of you, insert the same name from your name in the “Title” box, enter the name of your website on the “Address” box.

If it is not coming then you should try by the second name,

Step 4. Find “Theme”, you should select a nice theme for the website, then “Create blog!” Click on.

You can also choose a custom theme for your blogger blog.

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Step 5. Your website has been created, a Dashboard like this will open in front of you right now, when you go to and when you log in by giving email and password, then you will have an option like this. If you want to see your blog then you can click on “View blog” to see your website. And if you have to post a new post then you can write a post by clicking on “New Post” and writing a post by uploading a photo.


So friends just how can you make your free professional website using blogger, and if you have any query about this post or anything about this article you can feel free to comment below.



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